False hate crime victim of six years ago attempts to clean up internet reputation with DMCA takedown notices
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Six years ago, (previously) Justin Zatkoff received a beating from a friend while drunk and obnoxious. He told police he didn't remember what happened. However, on a number of conservative blogs at the time, the attack was falsely reported as a politically motivated hate crime carried out by liberal activists. Fast forward to today. Several blogs and sites have been served DMCA notices to white-wash the event from the past, with differing responses from the owners: markmaynard.com, sadlyno.com, and other larger sites. What is the statute of limitations for poor choices on the internet? Can the Striesand Effect be overcome? And is this really what DMCA is for? I really do feel for this young man, as nowhere is it indicated he filed a false police report or stated that he was attacked by liberals. Is Justin responsible or just caught up in events?
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