Secret Weapons
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Secret Weapons. "David Cronenberg's seldom seen 1972 made-for-TV movie, 'Secret Weapons'. It is six years into a future American civil war. A man has created a drug that enhances fighting skills. But will he give it to the theocratic government, or the rebels?" [Via]
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That was like watching a prequel to an entire career of a film maker.Not very good but very telling of what is to come.
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"But will he give it to the theocratic government, or the rebels?"

Considering that one of the choices is "theocratic government," you can guess where this is going.
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I still want Shivers to get a better dvd or bluray release. Heck, it's actually one movie i think if he remade it would be even better. It's still good, but he's learned better skills since then.
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Good idea. It's creepy enough, and the plot isn't all that shopworn. This version is boring, except for the artificial tension engendered by the music.
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