Satellite's gone up to the skies
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The kickstarter satellites. Sandy Antunes, the author of the blog post has built his own picosatellite Project Calliope. A project he also chronicled in his blog Satelite Diaries. NPR story.

Sandy Antunes has also written a book, DIY Satellite Platforms. Via Cool Tools.
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Sandy "" Antunes? Cool!
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Things like this drive me out of my mind.
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Yes, we need more space debris.
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That said, given the height that those cameras on balloons get, could you build a 2 stage balloon + rocket to get you to a stable orbit? I suspect not, otherwise it would have been done already.
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These ultra-LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites barely qualify as debris. The orbit probably decays on the order of months.

After a bunch of searching, I found this on his site: I'm doing music from space, using a 200 gram instrument in a half-kilogram case launched 312 kilometers up. What 200 grams would you put into orbit?

A little more googling turned up this paper on an orbital decay rate simulator which happens to have a sample run for a 300km orbit on page 5. Decays after 46 days.
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Does fluoride fight orbital decay?
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