Bicycle racing photography
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The bicycle racing photographs of Timm Kolln. Tour de France 2009. The Peloton (previously). Racing polaroids. Roubaix. Jens Voight. Luis Ocana. Juan Antonio Flecha on a Winter Ride. Stage 9 2010. At the races. Bicicletas Zeus. Lo Stelvio. Federico Bahamontes. [Side scrolling photography site, your forbearance is appreciated.]
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These pics are dope.
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His Peleton series has been making the rounds for a few years and is outstanding. They work on a level that most other "after the big sporting event" series rarely do because of how shattered all of the cyclists look. He must have an incredible repoire with the riders and the teams to get the pros to stand for a portrait just minutes after cycling 200km when money and glory are on the line.

His photographs of Jensie are worth checking out as well. They show just how boring being a pro cyclist is when you're not riding.

(btw - some of the pages not only side scroll but also scroll up and down. some mefites heads will probably explode in disgust)
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These are brilliant, thank you for the post.

On top of the rider shots the incidental scenes are awesome and really capture the feel of spectating and some of the oddities that can be glimpsed... I love taking photos of stuff like that at cycle races myself.

I'm lucky enough to live right on a road that's had the TDF pass up / down it twice in the past 6 years, and it'll be here again next year. I don't road cycle myself and don't have a huge deal of interest in the sport as a whole, but I cannot reccomend strongly enough that if anyone ever has a chance to see le Tour in the flesh, go out of your way to do so. It's a proper festival, a great bit of French tradition to experience and a bloody impressive bit of sporting organisation as it rolls through the paysage. Even if it is just a load of skinny blokes in Lycra.
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Great stuff. Another cycling photographer I like is Jered Gruber.
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Can I please photograph professional cyclists for a living?
These are incredible. Love the "Peloton" series (Spartacus looking insane, Boonen looking insanely beautiful), and the austerity of the pin-hole camera Stelvio set.
I've tried hard to hate this sport, especially in light of the current gong-show....these photographs remind me why I'll never succeed at that.
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I'm impressed that he managed to get a shot of Mark Cavendish not looking like a self-satisfied c-word.
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Also, I never realized how much Gustav Larsson looks like Jeff Spicoli.
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I'm impressed that he managed to get a shot of Mark Cavendish not looking like a self-satisfied c-word.

You've heard of photoshop, right?
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