SERVICE: The well-meaning staff seems to realize that this is not a real restaurant.
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As Not Seen On TV Guy Fieri, multi-restauranteur, TGI Fridays spokesman, and celebrity chef, opens a restaurant in Times Square, in the former New York Times building. New York Times reviewer Pete Wells does not approve.

NY Post: Not our type of Guy

Business Insider photoblog review

Gawker: ‘You Won’t Be Disappointed’: 10 Eaters Not from the New York Times Who Like Guy Fieri’s New Restaurant

A decent amount of Yelp love/hate:
I have to admit, I'm sad to write this review. We love Guy Fieri, and while some may not like him, we do and we really, really hoping that most of these reviews were written by Guy-hatin' foodie snobs who just wanted to tarnish his reputation. Unfortunately, the reviews are fairly accurate.

First off, I gotta say that you can't listen to these other corncobs and their reviews. They probably only have 1 mediocre BM per day. Me and my buddy went here and of course started off with 4-5 rounds of their top shelf margs to get the atmosphere light and conversational. I probably don't even need to say this since it's a given, but the female waitresses here and their carnal passions are on point. The chest beefers are aplenty.

"Is the entire restaurant a very expensive piece of conceptual art?" or a tourist trap?
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Goodness another one?
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I'm full, thanks.
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oh man you are in big trouble now
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Double secret probation!
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Oh man, it's turning into /.
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Metafilter: the chest beefers are aplenty.
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Clearly, hating on Guy Fieri (Ferry)'s new restaurant has become a fun hobby for professional restaurant reviewers and MeFites alike.
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To be fair, no one used to hold up Mama Leones as the gold standard of Italian cuisine.
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We've reached peak Guy Fieri backlash.
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Opening a menu at my beloved Tune Inn and seeing a day-glo icon of Fieri's smug, greasy face was like being kicked in the crotch. New Yorkers, even though it's Times Square, I urge you to resist.
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Meetup, anyone?
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Er, wait. Maybe not. I mean, there is donkey sauce involved. I've got a family now, so I'll politely decline.
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All this and we still can't spell restaurateur correctly?
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Who's up for seconds?
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Does it surprise anyone that the flavor palate of a NY Times restaurant reviewer is significantly different from that of a Times Square tourist? Can we really all stop feigning ignorance of the demand forces at play here, as if we've never heard of Applebees and TGI Fridays?

People like food that's not the kind of food you like.
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