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Radio Colifata is a beloved weekly Buenos Aires radio show run by psychiatric patients that breaks down boundaries between the "interned" and the "externed." During his Argentina tour, radio supporter Manu Chao invited a few Colifatos to join him. LT22 Radio La Colifata is 94 minute a documentary (in Spanish) shot over ten years that celebrates the station and the tour.
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Fascinating, thank you! I wish there were subtitles on that video though. My Spanish is nowhere near good enough.

(Which is not at all a criticism of the post.)
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Every time I hear a story about Manu Chao, he just seems like an evermore stand-up guy. I saw him live once and it was an incredible show. His album Clandestino is also a stone-cold classic.
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My Spanish is pathetic, 256, but I turned on captions in YT, which helped un poquito. You can even try captions in English, but that is a little surreal. I enjoyed it despite the linguistic difficulties.
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"Music is good for the men..."
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"¬°Tenemos derecho a ser felices!"

Love this. I'd write it on every wall in every language if I could.
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Just came in to say that I really dig Manu Chao. When I used to work for the cigar factory, and before we got iPods to run the music, we had Clandestino on CD in the big CD jukebox (remember those?) of bachata, merengue, and Cuban jazz. I played that one just about every shift -- at first just because I liked the sound of the songs, but then later (as I picked up a little Spanish) I started to realize the political nature of his music and he really just exploded for me. What an incredible artist and human being.
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Bless you madamjujujive.
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