Let Me Take You To The Max
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Give to the Max Day is an attempt to boost local online philanthropy by aggregating all Minnesota nonprofits (and public schools) into a search engine and encouraging contributions on a single day.
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Rock the Cause are taking part in this event by doing concerts all over the Upper Midwest.
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Know what's a great way to boost philanthropy? Raise taxes.
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My high school did this last year, and I gave. *shrug* I probably would have donated anyway, but the idea of hitting some goal and triggering extra income was neat.
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It's also a highly successful way to channel a shitload of semispammy fundraising emails to Minnesotans who've made their way onto nonprofit mailing lists.
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I might be a horrible person, but based on the contents of my email inbox and facebook feeds, today might more rightly be deemed "Beg to the Max Day"

I do a lot of one off, on a whim donating to non-profits that I like, and being hit up by all of them again today is kind of a turnoff.

I wonder how GTTMD factors into really increasing the annual returns of these groups?
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Let's have a contest: I've gotten eight (8!) in my inbox alone, not even looking in my spam. Oh, there's another one! DAMN YOU CEDAR CULTURAL CENTER
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my work made a cat video!

(I have 7 ask emails in my inbox.)
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I"m with Sys Req on this.. you know whats more efficient than ad hoc charities? Good government services and healthcare!

I really should try and organise a "Pay your taxes instead of wasteful and self-serving charities" day.
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Total Emails (including warnings that it is coming): 12
Asks Today: 8
Number of Organizations with multiple asks today: 2
Number of emails today that made it through gmail's SmartLabels to land in my inbox: 3
Number of pleas from facebook friends (not org pages, personal pages of friends who work with these orgs): 2
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*Contemplates registering a Max Day sockpuppet*
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I personally had 5 emails in my inbox, but I'm pretty numb to spam so didn't notice them until y'all pointed them out. I actually enjoy checking out the less prevalent non-profits and donating a few bucks to those, because I like knowing that my money is going to a passionate people and worthy causes. Stuff like this makes me feel a bit more empowered about where my limited charity money goes (and less guilty at the end of the year when I'm about to spend money on Christmas nonsense).
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