Adventure Chef, c'mon tell your friends, we'll cook in very distant lands.
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Rutabaga, a webcomic about an adventuring chef.
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It's a cool comic, but chapter 3 concluded in Mid-September with a promise to start chapter 4 in a week or two... then silence. Not a good sign. Still, enjoy the first 3 chapters. It's not the worst cliffhanger at the end...
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This is great, thanks.
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Loved it, thanks!
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So far from what I've read, this is pretty much how I approach every MMO/RPG that has a cooking mechanic.
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That was surprisingly enjoyable. The artwork is adorable, also.
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I've totally done this in a D&D campaign...
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I have not yet stopped reading this yet. I am sorry I could only give you one favourite.
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You had me at Legendary Bell Topped Mushroom.
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My friend Eric Colossal, creator of Rutabaga and all around swell guy, wants to thank you all for checking out the comic!

He's six pages into chapter four right now, so expect more updates soon. If you'd like to find out as soon as they're posted, follow him on Twitter!
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