This one's called "Bodies," y'awl.
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The first Sex Pistols show in the USA. (audio only) Atlanta, GA, January 5, 1978.
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I was there it was a cold winter the venue looked like any midwest band place at the time
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Did you enjoy it? Was it any good? Come on man - enquiring minds want to know!
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I tried to recreate for myself the non-audio aspects of seeing the first USA show of the Sex Pistols at a cold winter midwest band place, but I ran out of drugs and now my apartment is on fire.
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It's a beautiful thing.
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The next night they played the Taliesyn Ballroom in Memphis, TN. I am still pissed I didnt even know about the show. I've read that it was a relatively mild show and that the greatest controversy of it was the fact that the sold 900 tickets to a venue that held 725. Rowdy ticket holders rioted when they were not admitted.

This show was barely five months after the death of Elvis Presley in Memphis. What a weird time it was.
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I lived about 5 miles away from the Atlanta venue when they played, but was only 13 years old and my parents wouldn't HEAR of it. (To be fair, in their shoes I'd have felt the same way. ) I've always regretted not getting to go, though.
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If anyone needs convincing re: Sid Vicious's incompetence being a greatly exaggerated part of the mythos, this ought to do it. I mean, sure, he's only got three or four notes to play in each song, but he seems to hit them all in the right order and at the right time without too much trouble.
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That was my impression on listening to this too. They was a lot more musical talent than they get credit for.
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one has to remember that at time Atlanta was enthrallment with disco music
i recall going and the girl that took me seemed to be the only one in our group that was excited/passionate about going the rest of us just wanted to dance and were interested in going because of the bands name I still recall being frequently pelted by Sid's sweat and spit
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Sucking was part of the Sex Pistols mythos--and I shouldn't be so surprised that it is not entirely true. Years and years ago I met a guy who had played in the same circuits and clubs and often on the same bill as the Pistols. "That must have been great!" I said, stupidly.

"The Sex Pistols sucked," he answered matter-of-factly. "The Sex Pistols always sucked."
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To think, if it hadn't been for a Sex Pistols gig in Manchester, we may never have had Joy Division.
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Manchester, so much to answer for.
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More legendary live show recordings like this, yes. And yes include Manchester bands.
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Some photographs from that show here.

(There's a strip mall in that location now. Of course.)
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"The Sex Pistols always sucked."

False modesty and crude gimmick always were the cornerstone of British punk, of course. Not like (especially West Coast) hardcore and "roots" punk, my own preferences from the genre.
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False modesty and crude gimmick always were the cornerstone of British punk, of course.
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No mate, the cornerstone of British punk was massive, indescribable frustration and rage. I was there. I suspect you weren't. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Mate, I believe you're missing the cardinal rule of punk fandom here: there must be contention between fans of differing subsets.

That being said, the association of McClaren with the British scene seems unfortunate to a purer fan such as myself, but if a lurid businessman was necessary to channel all of that "massive, indescribable frustration and rage," (there weren't any prominent social issues ongoing in the UK around this time, were there?) then that's how the sausage gets made.
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