"Gutless" Hollywood stars
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"Gutless" Hollywood stars - too scared to fly Concorde. Send ME a ticket. I'll go...
posted by scotty (15 comments total)
Bruce Willis was my last hope to free the world of Islamist menace(s). Now what are we going to do?
posted by BentPenguin at 4:25 AM on November 9, 2001

"[Bruce Willis] is a guy who makes movies in which he's the hero saving the world."

someone should tell Mr Eddington that movies are not real and that Bruce Willis didn't actually rescue hostages from terrorists in a skyscraper, save billions in gold stolen by the first terrorist's brother, didn't work in a detective agency, never blew up an asteroid and that he really isn't all that unbreakable.

if celebrities don't want to fly, it's their prerogative.
posted by tolkhan at 5:19 AM on November 9, 2001

I would like to know how much of thier own money some of these "Stars" donated.

Or did they feel that their appearance at the Telethon was enough.
posted by da5id at 5:28 AM on November 9, 2001

You mean Willis didn't die at the end of Armageddon? That's the only thing that redeemed that movie, in my opinion. Shucks.
posted by UnReality at 5:45 AM on November 9, 2001

Mr Eddington is just gutted because BA stuck all it eggs in one basket by going for the premium air travel market. It's not only Bruce Willis that won't be buying a £6,000 first class transatlantic ticket this month.
posted by dlewis at 6:06 AM on November 9, 2001

F*ck Hollywood. Who gives a shit what they do?

Our PM flew it. THAT is good enough for me.
posted by Frasermoo at 6:09 AM on November 9, 2001

Enh? So one loudmouth sounds off about a bunch of Hollywood loudmouths. Move long people...
posted by Qubit at 6:14 AM on November 9, 2001

we got royals getting slapped with flora. NYC fireman hitting cops. Bush assuring us that the world has changed. The change starts with the self. Why is this story worthy of mefi front page.
posted by clavdivs at 6:14 AM on November 9, 2001

if celebrities don't want to fly, it's their prerogative.

No kidding. So putting a gun to his head and making him fly is out of the question. Criticizing someone's the choice someone makes is not the same as denying their right to make it.
posted by jpoulos at 6:47 AM on November 9, 2001

from a marketing perspective, how smart is it to publicly ridicule the customers of your highest margin service? while the stars may be chicken, he just sounds stupid.
posted by nobody_knose at 8:27 AM on November 9, 2001

The New York flight sent a defiant message to terrorists that it was back to business as usual.

Yes, Concorde had the utter balls to say, "Damnit, we're sick of losing money, and with God as our witness, we're going to protect our shareholders!"
posted by Hildago at 9:51 AM on November 9, 2001

I would be much happier if that damned Concorde never flew again - it shrieks over my house twice a day, like clockwork. Once in the morning and once at night - reuglar airplanes don't disrupt, they're high enough/quiet enough, but when that Concorde, you just have to stop talking for a minute or so 'till it's passed.
posted by skwm at 10:02 AM on November 9, 2001

While it may have an excellent safety record (if you don't count the crash) the Concorde doesn't seem to fail very gracefully. One blown tire and the next thing you know one less Concorde. I wouldn't pay my money to be part of the discovery of the next failure mode.
posted by rdr at 12:10 PM on November 9, 2001

Hell I'm afraid to fly the Concorde. I think per hour its the most problematic passenger jet.
posted by skallas at 1:17 PM on November 9, 2001

it flies over my folks house. it is a tad awesome which outweighs the house shaking noise it makes.
posted by Frasermoo at 4:17 PM on November 9, 2001

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