Gingham Style
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SLYT of a Portuguese performance of the Wizard of Oz with a missing dance number added to the show.
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I was hoping for the Jitterbug, previously.
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The problem with a jokey addition like this is it's clever and silly for around the first 30 seconds, but then you have made a commitment to dance through the entire thing, which in my mind gets a bit tiresome. But then I was never one to go gaga over goofy dance additions to anything
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I think the most surprising part of the whole thing is that they get about 3 minutes into the song before there are any horsey dance moves.
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Well, at least it ties in smoothly.
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*walks out, demands refund*
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The Macarena of our age.
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Ha ha!


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"If I Only Had A Brain" is one of my most, very, favorite songs. Ray Bolger is my favorite person in The Wizard of Oz. Someone thought they could improve on that???? I'm leaving with Sys Rg.
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Hmm. I think that would have slightly spoiled the show for me.
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Nthing the previous comments re: "The Jitterbug," "Macarena," and the interpolation of unrelated material having diminishing returns after 30 seconds or so. This may be interesting as a data point of evidence of how ubiquitous "Gangnam Style" has become, but as a performance in itself, an addition to "The Wizard of Oz," or even as a comment on it, not so much.

Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should.
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I'm pretty sure if I were Dorothy, I would have shrugged somewhere around mid-song and sought the Wizard on my own.
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I initially thought of the Dana Carvey bit.
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My seven-year-old son and a friend have been discussing making their own Gangham Style video, using lyrics about and video from Minecraft. That made me rethink the whole idea of little dance crazes, inasmuch as I'm starting to realize it is a chance for people to take someone else's creativity and build on it for their own personal satisfaction. Previously I had thought it lazy and derivative, but now I suspect for some people this kind of thing is a "safe" outlet for their own creative ideas that they're otherwise too timid to express.

Of course, putting it in a show that people are paying to see is still tacky.
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Did Dorthy totally hit her cue, like a minute early? I felt awkward watching her do nothing in corner, after wanting to dance with the Scarecrow and the Scarecrow continuing to want to do that dance thing.
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Bolger Style!
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What a weird performance, even without the jarring addition; they're not performing the songs themselves.
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