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38 Fake Film Titles to the Tune of "Bob" by 'Weird Al' Yankovic made by Oliver Smith in which an aspiring animator has created a tour-de-force (and tour-de-farce) showreel of kinetic typography and film homages using the palindromic lyrics of The Weird One's Bob Dylan riff (with a few actor and director credits tossed in to remind you what he's referencing). If Oliver Smith doesn't get a ton of job offers from this, the animation biz is broken.
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Well, I like the title of the tune.
posted by HuronBob at 10:53 AM on November 19, 2012

I was just thinking I was Too Hot To Hoot today.
posted by BeeDo at 11:03 AM on November 19, 2012

I usually like Weird Al stuff. Didn't like this.

Ah well. At least there's everything else he made.
posted by Malice at 11:05 AM on November 19, 2012

I feel like you have to like Dylan to really like this song.

I dislike Dylan greatly, but I live in MN and thus can't avoid him, so as much as I don't like listening to Bob, I'm glad that it exists as a monument to how bad Bob Dylan is.
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I don't care for Dylan, but I love palindromes.
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Recommendation to Malice and sparklemotion and anyone else put off by the Bob Dylanness or even the Weird Alness... mute it and enjoy the animation.

I was hoping the MeFi braintrust would help assemble a list of all the movie homages, but I'm not supposed to be moderating this thread.
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I respect Weird Al, although I haven't actually listened to him in my post-adolescent years. But this song is amazing. I also like the film title thing.
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I also haven't heard much lately from Al (this one, and the white and nerdy was probably the last I've heard, but it's interesting to note that his highest topping album was his most recent one, which surprised me... it means he's still fresh, and apparently kids still dig him.).

I thought the animation is great, but I'm not so sure it was as cohesive as it could have been. Either it should have been done even tighter, or that skill could have gone to something completely different. Not that it wasn't interesting in some ways.

Those who aren't a fan of Dylan, however, I'm not sure why so. As Slap*Happy says... The Palindromes are amazing (I'm not even a huge fan of Palindromes, per se, but the sheer cleverness of some of these). Don't let your Dylan dislike turn you off from the 'dromes!
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Also, Weird Al songs are often clever and amusing. This one is genius. If Dylan had thought of this in the late 60s, he totally would have done it just to fuck with people. In fact, I would be hesitant to claim he didn't do this without actually going back and checking some of his songs from that era to make sure they aren't entirely constructed out of palindromes.
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This is one of the most amazing things I've seen. I'm far from a credentialed cinephile, but I got quite a few of the references to stars/directors/movie styles the animator (yes, give him a job!) managed to make.

If this turns into a thread about Bob Dylan, about whom my feelings have changed - for the worse - since I saw him last month in concert, mostly at the piano, at which he is not so good - then it will be partly my my fault. Sorry. Go look at the movie title sequence again. It deserves at least two viewings.
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I am word-nerd-obliged to point out my palindromic last name whenever that word is invoked. Click my profile to enjoy my front-to-backness-and-around-again. And now, to actually watch the video.
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A Dog, A Panic, In a Pagoda: Starting Burt Reynolds and Jean Claude Van Damme.

I will see any movie starring Reynolds and Van Damme... Just for the outtakes.
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Weird Al made the "Bob" song and video in 2003 and was using it on tour as an "costume change break" when I saw him perform in 2007. And if you didn't know, the video, if not the song, was a parody of Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" clip (a pre-video-era video).

"The pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles" made as much sense as any of the palindromes.
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Great idea and some decent animation work, but I didn't like the typography. Some pretty icky default kerning and anachronistic typeface choices here. I would love to see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in Madam, I'm Adam though!
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icky default kerning and anachronistic typeface choices
...but most of them were pretty true to the look of the movie titles they referenced (at least the ones I recognized). Remember he's auditioning for a gig as an animator, not a designer.
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I would love to see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in Madam, I'm Adam though!

Revenge, my baby Meg? Never!
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