All day I hear the noise of waters
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Some random, wet images: A seahorse on a diver’s watch.
A diver hitting an Olympic pool
Mass stingray migration off Baja
Two streams of water colliding
A photographer in the rain
Waiting for the bubble to burst
Close up of a wave
Bathtime at a refugee camp Kutupalong, Bangladesh
Water being released from a dam to prevent flooding in Jiyuan, China
Transparent Montana lake, (and more)

A droplet in space.
Ant pushing a water droplet.
Water house.
Monticello Dam Drain - Napa.
Lake Sørvágsvatn in Faroe Islands.
See-through gills. A child in Indonesia with his pet shark.
Some local images: Yosemite, Pamukkale, Turkey, The Maldives, Norway, Blackwater River, Cappaquin Bridge, Ireland, Dry Tortugas National Park, Fort Jefferson.
Water drops on a CD
Pink lake in Senegal
From Hawaii: Dragon wave near Ke'e beach, Kauai, Lined up in Pipeline. Lantern Festival, Honolulu.
River surfing.
Aqua climbing.
Icebergs by David Burdeny
Emperor penguins
Fun at the fountain, by Shizuo Kambayashi.

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Way to make a splash on the front page.
posted by not_on_display at 5:58 PM on November 19, 2012 [1 favorite]

That bubble photo is amazing.
posted by brundlefly at 6:08 PM on November 19, 2012 [1 favorite]

The Montana lake one is startling.
posted by JHarris at 6:09 PM on November 19, 2012 [2 favorites]

I'm a little phobic about water. That one of the wave looks like a giant hand coming to snatch me up.
posted by scratch at 6:20 PM on November 19, 2012

That iceberg image by David Burdeny compelled me to travel to Greenland, two years ago. Here's an interview of the artist, with more icebergs.
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As a swimmer, I thought you had me at the pool, but the close-up of a breaking wave was astonishing. Great post.
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(By the way, here is an old recording of James Joyce himself reading the poem of the title)
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seahorse on a diver’s watch: That's a mere naked woman away from being a Heavy Metal cover.

A photographer in the rain: My favorite thing about this picture is the umbrella.

Close up of a wave: Ubbo Sathla! This is the third time I've mentioned Clark Ashton Smith's protean creature-god on Metafilter in response to images. If I win some kind of prize for that, I don't want it.


Ant pushing a water droplet.: This story can only end in tragedy.

Water house.: An unused prop left over from Stingray, you can just imagine puppets hanging out around that place.

Monticello Dam Drain - Napa. : There's a hole, there's a hole, there's a hole in the bottom of the sea....

A child in Indonesia with his pet shark.: "What do ya want to do today, Sharky?" "Let's go pick a fight with that obnoxious Beany and Cecil!"

Some local images: Yosemite: Recognizing the danger posed by it to his reign, Sauron takes out Mt. Doom in spectacular fashion.

Pamukkale, Turkey: NEEDZ PENGUENZ.

The Maldives: That bathtub would become the home of seven unlucky stranded castaways.... GILLIGAN! You popped our giant rubber duck, how will we get home now?

Norway: Look closely for Slartibartfast's signature.

From Hawaii: Poseidon: "RAARR!" Beach lady: "Huh, how about that!"

Icebergs by David Burdeny: This is what your glass of ice water looks like to a paramecium.

Emperor penguins: "Quickly mates, we're needed in Pamukkale!"

Pink lake in Senegal: At least now scientists will be able to study the environmental impact of Strawberry Quik spills.

And...Ploop: "I'm melllting... hey, this is fun!"
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One more:
Lake Sørvágsvatn in Faroe Islands.: "Hmm, this is looking like a par 82. Give me my negative-six wood."
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If anyone has a cabin on that Montana lake, I hate you and want to be your best friend.
posted by arcticseal at 6:52 PM on November 19, 2012

does anyone know where the bubble photo comes from? I am il-reddit-ate and dont know how to find info there...
posted by supermedusa at 6:58 PM on November 19, 2012

I trust human engineering and all , but I would not be anywhere near that dam in Jiyuan.
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I just finished watching the Ken Burns documentary on the Dust Bowl, and thus have been watching over 2 hours of footage of dry dust and parched earth and bare soil. I needed this.

(I've seen the stingray one before and it absolutely looks like some kind of M. C. Escher print.)
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 7:25 PM on November 19, 2012

Lake Sørvágsvatn in Faroe Islands.: "Hmm, this is looking like a par 82. Give me my negative-six wood."

I'm spending a couple of weeks next summer over in the Faroes, I'm going to look up that crazy lake. No way that a deep lake sits so close to a tall cliff. It's gotta be a post-rain puddle. Or maybe not? An investigation is in order.
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Well, I'll be damned.
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That bubble photo is of the Strokkur geyser in Iceland. Here's a video I shot of it going off.
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That Monticello dam drain gives me the creeps!
...great selection of images.
posted by quazichimp at 11:23 PM on November 19, 2012

love all of them
posted by 5_13_23_42_69_666 at 1:16 AM on November 20, 2012

These are all so beautiful and strange, thank you for posting.
posted by lakersfan1222 at 8:55 AM on November 20, 2012

Such a lovely collection. Thank you!
posted by widdershins at 9:43 AM on November 20, 2012

seewallrunner, aaah, that explains it, well found! Although it's not really an optical illusion -- it's more like a photographic trick, if you were seeing it from a helicopter your eyes and the miracle of stereoscopic vision would sort that scene right out.

Is still pretty interesting terrain though. Like the kind of place that would show up in a particularly treacherous Minecraft seed. You just KNOW that cave is full of creepers.
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My favorite is bathtime for the Bangladeshi refugee boy! Ahh...

And the transparent lake in Montana

And the underwater view of the Olympic pool, heavy and vast, so many other feelings about all of that water

One more time, I'll say I love all of these, and I have been back at least a few times since posted. Truly, the whole thing is cathartic.
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Waiting for the bubble is sweet as well
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The Kamchatka Peninsula in winter, speaking of water
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