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"Death is clean and LoveDeath is the purifying fire. Before becoming one with eternity you will burn up in the atmosphere. Then the spirit will be released from the bonds of the flesh." -- excerpt from LoveStar's farewell address on the launching of Pope Pius III
During the early years it made world headlines whenever anyone was fired with LoveDeath, and tourists and fans thronged to see the launch. But LoveDeath became so popular that the service improved, the cost came down, and the quality rose.

Originally slated for release on the anniversary of the creation of the universe, after a slight delay the English edition of Andri Magnason's novel LoveStar is finally available. An excerpt (PDF) appeared more than two years ago in McSweeney's and offered a glimpse into a world where gadgets and wires have been replaced by "birdwaves", Chicago has been permanently emptied due to a sea of bees, the dead are fired into space as a matter of spectacle and practicality, and soulmates are determined algorithmically.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Heya, this seems mostly to be "a book has been released" which isn't really a very strong basis for a post and the presentation here is kind of dog-tilting-head-to-one-side to boot. -- cortex

After reading this post several times, I finally decoded it into an ad for a book. Now I feel like drinking my Ovaltine.
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I decoded it into a mocha frappe latte grande chino. Mmm.
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I lost my decoder ring in the sea of bees. The ashes of Captain Midnight could not be reached for comment.
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