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Boris Strugatsky passed away Monday, 19 Nov 2012.

This obituary at The Guardian discusses his recent conflicts with Vladimir Putin and involvement with the band Pussy Riot. At Pravda they discuss his illness and passing.

Review of recent translation of Roadside Picnic

ISFdb. Previously. Via.
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Yeah, that's the right title.
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Somewhere in his notes, Boris Natanovich writes that in his youth he was a sluggard compared to his brother, often quoting the following maxim in response to demands: "It is better to walk than to run, better to stand than to walk, better to sit than to stand, better to lie down than to sit, better to sleep than to lie down."

I guess the part of the maxim that he always left out finally caught up with him.
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How, uh, "difficult" is Roadside Picnic in the original?
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You're probably not gonna be Russian through it.

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Too bad. I recently read "Hard to be a God" and noon:22nd century and had a blast. Noon especially was great old school neo-colonialism scifi. Very Russian in the way it threw a bunch of characters at you right out the gate.
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If you keep reading the Noon Universe, it gets more ambiguous. See Beetle in the Anthill. But yeah, they're very into uplift over there. Hard to Be a God struck me as mawkish.
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I met a good friend over the internet about a decade ago. She sent me thick, bound print-outs of Roadside Picnic, It's Hard to be a God, Monday Begins on Saturday for me to read during a long distance bike trip one summer (along with Russian "Squirrel" chocolates to nibble on). It was my first introduction to the Strugatsky brothers (and Russian/Soviet sci-fi) outside of Tarkovsky's films. Spoke with her today and she told me he'd just died.

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Time to reread Svært at være Gud (Hard to be a God). A good book, as I recall.
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I'm sorry to hear it. I should thank languagehat for introducing me to them.

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I came across the Strugatsky-inspired S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games before I'd ever read Roadside Picnic. Read it, liked it, but haven't picked up anything else by him/them.
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In 2009 he engaged in a long correspondence with jailed oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, which was later made public, discussing the nature of authoritarianism and the future of humankind faced with global challenges like the end of oil.
I would like to read those, I've searched, but with no luck
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Speaking of Pussy Riot: Pussy Riot member asks for solitary confinement
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Roadside Picnic is one of these books I try to find when I'm at a loss what to get someone. I've never given it to anyone who didn't end up liking it.
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