Congratulations to Dr. Tom Osborne
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Tom Osborne, Nebraska legend I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to all the service that Tom Osborne has given the state of Nebraska and the University of Nebraska

This will be the last season that Tom Osborne will be in an official capacity with the University of Nebraska. He has been a tremendous leader, turning young boys into great men. His accomlishments are vast. He was the true embodiment of a student-athlete coach. He had more accademic all americans under his leadership than any other coach in the history of college football. He won three national championships and did it the right way. He also came out of retirement to rescue a program that was in dire need of saving after a disasterous AD and coach completely ruined the program. I hope the 'Huskers can send Dr. Tom out with a Big Ten championship and win their bowl game. Best wishes Tom, thanks for everything.
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