Music is a rebellious bird.
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This was delightful. I love improvised music and the Habanera. Seeing the Bell Grinder was especially nice because I love a pun.

Why do I love the Habanera? I was exposed to it early. There's a different version by the same workshop from 2009.
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A good start, but they'll have to work much harder to surpass Spike Jones.
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There are many problems in living in a country where many businesses still have their employees work no more than 35 hours per week. I like to think of the existence of groups like Zic Zazou as a good example of an up-side.

I also think they look like they come from a glorious forgotten out-take in "Delicatessen".
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That was great! Loved the improvised xylophones--were those made of metal files?
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