I'm not quite sure what it was
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I'm not quite sure what it was

It may have been a thing like this, I'm not sure, but it was a thing I saw. During the rain these days I think about that thing, and where it is now. It seems that every day ends, that darkness takes over light, predictably, but the recognition of impending darkness doesn't illuminate waking light. I walk down the beach. There's a smell of clams and oysters, and a crusty old man is walking towards me, along the beach. "Where are the oysters?" I ask him. He nods, as though this moment was preordained, yet nonetheless meaningless, and he says nothing.

She turns to me. From the look in her eye I can tell that she is serious. The thought she has is an important thought, so I pay careful attention. Never before have I been so much in love with a person, and yet so unable to understand what is happening.

It should be clear, shouldn't it? We walk, she and I, along the beach, plucking oysters. But it's raining, and we decide to go indoors. We build a fire. We talk about the day, and our walk along the beach, and she says a strange thing:

"I've never plucked a better oyster."

I ask her to repeat that, because I wasn't sure I heard her correctly. But no.

"I've never plucked a better oyster."

That's what she said.

We had so much. There was a real connection there. But I can never be with someone who says that sentence. I'm not really sure why, but it is true.

Goodbye, m'lady. We were so close. I will miss you.
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