I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed.
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In case you did not get your fair share of parental disapproval this weekend, this letter from a retired British Naval officer to his three children may provide the "kick-up-the-backside" you were missing.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This seems to be just one unhappy family's internal email, not a good post for Metafilter. -- LobsterMitten

There has been widespread discussion online about the email since Mrs Crews-Montes published it, with her father’s permission, in a national newspaper at the weekend, with many people taking his side.

That whirring subterranean sound you hear is Edward R. Murrow.
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Sound words from a modern Diogenes. A number of you would do well to attend.
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Dad, heal thyself:

She admitted spending “many years underperforming”, partly because her father’s uncompromising stance left her with little self-confidence.
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why do stories like this always come from Britain?
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His kids might not be the nicest people, but he sounds like a fucking ray of sunshine, himself.
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Can we start a pool on when they get their own TV show?
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why do stories like this always come from Britain?

Because Daily Mail/Sun/Torygraph outrage headlines rely on social expectations of conduct that aren't exactly the same in the US?
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By poking around on that newspaper's links, I was able to find out one son, who's been married twice, works as a taxi driver and one daughter works in a sailing shop (possibly the one who has since set up business as a book translator - she's been raising children while her husband works as a surgeon where they live in *France*).
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If all of his children are bitter disappointments to him, then clearly they had a great parental role model to learn from.
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I don't understand. This was published in a newspaper? I thought our (the U.S.) news media was bad, but I just don't understand how this is newsworthy in any way.
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So they didn't split the atom or win a Nobel prize, they still seem to be doing OK.

Disappointed dad is disappointed for no real reason.
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Very refreshing to see a parent not spoiling his kids rotten and endlessly telling them how great they are, I must say.
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Fulfilling careers based on your educations would have helped

Dear Mr. Crews,

You appear to be about the same age as my own parents; assuming your children are in the same cohort as I, let me just say, "yes, that would be an excellent idea."
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