The End
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Act Of Faith and Jimmy's End, short films by written Alan Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins - dreamy, dark, disturbing and possibly NSFW (MLYT)
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'written by'... I have a hangover, which as luck would have it is the perfect condition to watch those.
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I had no idea he'd finished these.
Now I am afraid.
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Jesus christ that was beyond amazing - Please Mr. Moore may I have another?
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So Alan Moore's become a trite, predictable David Lynch (welcome to the Black Lodge except this time we're actually going to skip a metaphorical step and call it Purgatory)? I mean, I'm not complaining, it's all good fun and stuff, but did I just see some drunk womanizing asshole go to heaven while a woman is relegated to purgatory for a single instance of poor judgment?
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The first film's top YouTube comment: "If anyone wants to make Alan Moore mad, they have to adapt this into a comic book."
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Tedious but well done.
That's how I feel about all of Alan Moore's work, actually.
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Moore talked about 'Northampton Noir' on the BBC R4 Film Program recently (podcast)
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