What's the deal with Storylane?
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Storylane is... what exactly? I've had a LiveJournal for many years, even bought a permanent account back in 2002 (I think). While it's mostly fallen into disuse, I've been toying with the idea of returning to active blogging. Enter this email from Storylane, purportedly from their CEO, telling me that they love my content and would like to have me post there. I follow the link and find I cannot see their content without a Facebook or Twitter login. How does this site work? I'm not about to start blogging onto a closed platform (if I am going to restart again at all). I'd feel a lot better if I could see what it was about without handing over OAuth, etc. The few reviews online were quite glowing, but also quite press-release-y. If I send someone a link to a post on Storylane, will they need to login to see it?
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