Rubinstein teaches Chopin
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Pianist Arthur Rubinstein teaches the Chopin Ballade #1: Part 1, Part 2. Here is a Rubinstein recording of the ballade in full.

The Ballade #1 was also featured in Roman Polanski's The Pianist and is mentioned in NY Times classical music critic Anthony Tommasini's recent piece on musical moments.

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On the dramatic and powerful Chopin repertoire Rubinstein is, of course, superb. Perhaps unparalleled. But on the softer and more lyrical etudes and nocturnes, not so much. Just my opinion...
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And for contrast, Horowitz. Could be a different piece.

I loved how the advice basically boiled down to "don't hit it so hard all the time" and "let the tune come out", which sounds oddly familiar to anyone whose had a piano lesson probably. I'm presuming they cut all the stuff at the start where the pupil gave his excuses for not having done his scales much that week.
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Speaking of Pianists is a good read. Just saying.
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Jim in Austin: Whose Nocturnes do you prefer over Rubenstein's?
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Thank you for posting this - he is my favorite pianist. Loved the part where he told him not to bang 'Chopin doesn't go like Da Da Da - good for Liszt.'
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A wonderful post. As undeniably masterful as Rubinstein is, I always preferred Horowitz as a better Chopin interpreter. But this was a real treat.
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Rubinstein was not only my entry drug for Chopin, but classical music in general. Thanks for this.
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