Only the kitty is real
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Anamorphic illusions of items on a desk is the latest of many interesting original visual illusions, tricks, and fun science experiments by Brusspup on Youtube (previously). For handy viewing: Anamorphic playlist; Illusions playlist; Science experiments playlist, plus more, including a playlist of how-to videos for various tricks and activities .

He is also offering images of the items used in the desk illusion for the curious:
I've included the images in this video for you to download and try yourself. Print them on 8.5 X 14. Cut the paper any way you'd like to add more of an effect.

Rubiks -
Tape -
Shoe -
Most videos include some additional info about how/what he did in the description section... (and sometimes notes about his original music used in some of the videos, some available via iTunes). Kitty has her own channel.
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Sorry - I was too busy paying attention to the KITTY!
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The best part of that is that the desk itself was an anamorphic image and the cat did not even notice! Amazing! Science!
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Cameras are stupid. (One eyed pirates too, to be sure. yar)
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Ahhh yes, these are fun. gifs of the first video have been making the rounds on tumblr. And then in classic tumblr fashion user wonderandjoy responded with this. (self link to provide gif context as a whole bunch of tumblr users hadn't seen the original illusion gifs and were like I DON'T GET IT)
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already?! daaaang Tumblr gifs.
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I printed the tape photo, but now I just have a tape photo. Doesn't work as well in person (for me, at least).
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orme - close one eye.
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Ha! thanks, achrise.
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already?! daaaang Tumblr gifs.

tumblr is indeed a sneaky beast
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