Mister nice guy
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Mister nice guy - As a cartoonist, Tim Kreider seemed to loathe almost everybody. His essays tell a different story.
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I love Tim Kreider. Thanks.
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Never realized Kreider was a Blue Jay. Huh. I guess some nice people go to Hopkins after all.
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Time Kreider is awesome. Thanks for posting.
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Just finished his essay collection We Learn Nothing a few days ago - a wonderful book I can recommend to everyone.
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I've loved The Pain for a long time. I haven't read We Learn Nothing, but I'd like to. I'll probably ask for it as a Christmas present.

He belongs with the good ones simply for this cartoon, which I refer to all the time.
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He accurately called this year's election (including primaries!) in March:
SPOILER ALERT: none of what’s happening in the headlines right now means anything at all. The Republicans will ultimately nominate Mitt Romney because that’s who the money guys who control the party have chosen as their nominee. ... Romney will lose to Obama because nobody likes him.

(love his characterization of the parties in this comic too)
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That's one of my favorites too, Rustic Etruscan, along with Don't Mind Grandpa, which is sheer brilliance on the subject of social mores changing over time.
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I like this guy. Thanks for the post.
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We Learn Nothing has been duly kindled.
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And see, that's what I never liked about the Kindle: Why associate your e-reader with book-bonfires?

Tim Kreider would have found a wittier way to say that.
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