Backup Tut and other decoy spatial
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"...digitize the tombs, archive and transform the data and then re-materialize the information in three dimensions at a scale of 1:1."

That's a good first step. I hope that, within 20 years or so, they'll be up to 5:1.

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I'm sure that Brennan-monster is behind this.
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That's pretty cool.
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Neat! I went to Lascaux II awhile back when I was in France and was really bummed at the idea of seeing a reproduction. But once inside it was great. They did an amazing job on the re-creation; if you hadn't told me it wasn't the real thing I'd never have guessed. It particularly helped that they didn't sex it up by installing lots of lighting and stuff, I still felt like I was wandering around in a real cave.

The question is why build the reproduction out in the middle of nowhere where it's inconvenient? It sounds like the Tutankhamun tomb reproduction is being built for Cairo; sure is easier to visit there than going out in the middle of nowhere. Except, of course, now you're missing the whole Valley of the Kings and the context. I'm glad Lascaux II is so close to Lascaux, it gave me a chance to see the region. And eat some delicious foie gras :-)
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Very cool, thanks for this post.
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But can they digitize the funk?
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This will be so cool if "exact" duplicates of many of these sites end up in a large number of museums. Imagine seeing a large variety of these copies all in a museum a few hours drive from your home. Could we get a shuttle flight deck, please?
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One day these "exact" duplicates might become even more collectable than the original if we can get SimStim or Holodecks to work.
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