None of the potential titles fit very well. It's a dog and a cat.
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Translation: "Hey dog, bring me that cat." [SLYT.]
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Translation of cat's body language: This is not happening.

(This is the translation of ALL cat body language.)
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No, there is plenty of cat body language that says HERE LOOK AT MY BUTTHOLE LOOK LOOK LOOOOOK.
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"No sedan chair, but this is better than nothing." Cats are, above all, lazy fucks.
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My parents' dog, Inigo, has learned that before he gets fed, or gets to go outside, or gets to get in the car, or gets to do anything fun, he must sit. And then, he gets food, or gets to pee, or gets to ride in the car, or gnaw on a new stick, etc.

Apparently, he's taken to sitting politely and expectantly any time someone is holding one of the cats. In much the same way as he sits for his food. "Please give me the cat! I am asking so nicely!"
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Okay, so I know that this is six or seven years old, but I don't know how I came across it back in the day. Here, presumably, but I can't find it.
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Pick up that can cat.
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