Tony Scott: A Moving Target
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"For some time after Tony Scott tragically, mysteriously took his life earlier this year we tried to think of some way to honor his work and explore it on the Notebook. A proper response was found by filmmaker, editor and Notebook contributor Gina Telaroli, who suggested a kind of critical exquisite corpse, and in this manner forge a way—or an attempt—to fit the forms of Tony Scott's oeuvre to the content critics would contribute."
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I've always wanted to see the edit of True Romance that adheres to Tarantino's non-linear structure instead of the neutered Tony Scott version. We'll always have Top Gun, though.
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I can watch Enemy Of The State & True Romance as many times as possible. As a matter of fact, I just watched Enemy Of The State last night, again (on YouTube, where you can find now many full movies without restrictions)
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