Life of Nacho
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Nacho lives the life of a 20something in LA doing everything from speed dating to taking magazine surveys to dealing with roommate Reggie. But he doesn't know he's a puppet.
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Oh wow, I love these. They're so unassuming. I wish these people were getting more exposure.
posted by Evernix at 8:33 PM on December 6, 2012

This is understated and so much better than I expected it to be. How am I empathizing with a crude monkey puppet in a jean jacket?
posted by deathpanels at 6:46 AM on December 7, 2012 [2 favorites]

Takes a little getting used to but the character grows on you. It's not going for big vulgar laughs but it builds to a nice honest chuckle. Nacho's not evil or rude, he's just clueless, and the actor who voices him makes us root for him. I hope they make a bunch more of these.
posted by Potomac Avenue at 6:49 AM on December 7, 2012

He bears a striking resemblance to this guy. Are they by any chance related?
posted by Elizabeth the Thirteenth at 6:51 AM on December 7, 2012 [1 favorite]

Well now looking at the channel I see there's like 40 of them, so, there goes my morning.
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