Who saw the Dr Zizmor ad with Brad Pitt on Saturday Night Live?
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I am still laughing about the Saturday Night Live parody of Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 commercial, featuring NYC dermatologist Dr. Zizmor. As anyone who has ever been on the subway, Dr. Jonathan Zizmor is a New York institution, like Ed Koch, Derek Jeter or Seinfeld.

I grew up watching those Dr Z commercials as a kid: “Thank you, Dr. Zizmor!” but I never imagined staying up late on Saturday Night and watching a hilarious impression of Brad Pitt by SNL star, Taran Killam, talking about tattoo removal and chemical peels. It made me feel New York pride! I’d love to hear what some of you other NY’ers or ex-NY’ers thought and if you’re not from NY did you have any idea what “Brad Pitt” was talking about?
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I have seen those ads on the subway, also! They have rainbows in the ads' backgrounds! It catches the eye.

Happy Friday, everybody!
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