Statue Game?
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Teachers: The Webseries, starring the Katydids, is an independent youtube project of eminently flavourful vignettes centered on a cluster of elementary school teachers. It is at times absurd, charming, glorious, and maybe just a bit close to home- all while absolutely nailing its comedic timing.
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Uncle Figure got some good chuckles outta me. So did Hot Dad... maybe I just have a thing for elementary school teachers and the word 'cum'? ::goes back to warily examine childhood::
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Ah, education is a rich vein to mine for tragedy and comedy both. Each and every teacher I know probably has enough stories to crank out six seasons and a movie.
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I have managed to avoid having to sub for any elementary school teachers this year. High school subbing can be very tough, as can middle school, but for my money, neither are as exhausting as teaching elementary school. I can't understand how those folks hold up.
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I should be grading papers, but I can't stop watching.
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The kids are great.
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