Speaking of Veterans Day,
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Speaking of Veterans Day, here in Chicago we have the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. Art by Vets about the War. Most pieces are on-line with a short essay. The Above and Beyond memorial is impressive to say the least.
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There they will see tens of thousands of metal dog tags, spaced evenly one inch apart, suspended from fine lines which will allow them to move like a living thing with the shifts in air currents

I shivered just by reading the description of the Above and Beyond memorial looking at the grainy photo. It's an unquiet memorial - more challenging than the usual "OK, you can feel good about it now" variety. Plus the Asian echo - that eerie windchime effect - gives it movement, depth and a specific geographical context. The fact that the dog tags are so close is simply moving.
I wonder about the green lighting, though. Perhaps it's not so green - or you don't notice it much when you actually stand before the memorial. It's the only discordant note,imho, if indeed it is at all when directly experienced.
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Like pieces of a massive wind chime, the dog tags tinkle softly against each other, supplanting the pall that would otherwise dominate the museum's somber chambers, and embodying one of the museum's strongest themes: so much beauty, amid so much destruction.

It's a sentiment that might once have described the museum itself, long before its South Loop neighborhood began winning a battle with attrition, at a time when the NVVAM operated out of a virtual barracks.

That all changed in 1996, when a deeply moved visitor named Maggie Daley told Broderick, "I have to have my husband come here and see this. This is remarkable." Broderick smiled - he was used to this sort of response - unaware that she was speaking of Richard M. Daley. Soon the museum had its own warehouse building and $1 million for renovations, all courtesy of the City of Chicago.

Art of War, WTTW CityTalk

More on the creation of the Above and Beyond Memorial.

I haven't been there, but I've seen it on TV a couple of times. I don't think it appears green in real life.
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