Photos from Afgahnistan (mostly quite old tho)
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Photos from Afgahnistan (mostly quite old tho) This site has a fairly large amount of pictures of sites in the cities in Afgahnistan. I remember reading something about the 'Friday Mosque' in Herat and trying to find a picture of it - well turns out it's here. Unfortunately, it's on GeoCities, so it runs of of bandwidth from time to time. But if you can see it it's quite interesting.
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Well, you spend a few more minutes surfing and then you come upon this Afghana site which is like a 'Yahoo for Afgahanistan' and has a nice photo section.
posted by QrysDonnell at 11:34 PM on November 11, 2001

Entitled 'Postcards From Hell,' this site also has some great photos.
posted by RobertLoch at 4:07 AM on November 12, 2001

what a beautiful place!
i suppose 7,000 years of civilsation will tend to leave behind some interesting bits of culture.
posted by asok at 10:26 AM on November 12, 2001

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