“We must remember, to sit is a verb too…”
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Gerrit Thomas Rietveld was a member of the De Stijl group of artists along with Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian.

The Red and Blue chair is something you can build yourself.
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Has anyone tried sitting in this chair? (I haven't.)
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Don't miss the Rietveld-Schröder House. I used to bike past it every day!
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Has anyone tried sitting in this chair? (I haven't.)

Way back when I was in architecture school, in the dim prehistory of the internet, one of my classmates got the plans for this chair and built it, for a project. It does, in fact, look very cool in a dorm room, but it is quite difficult to get into or out of, especially if you are suffering from sleep deprivation or other disorientation caused by various substances. It is, however, reasonably quite nice for playing Mario Kart in and takes abuse by controller quite well, assuming you use quality wood for the construction (he used ash for some reason I do not now remember). It could use more padding as my butt tended to fall asleep and it does not allow you to shift angles to distribute your weight.

But, for my money the best modern furniture as artwork for gaming/dorm room decoration/pretending to be an adult/etc is the Eames recliner, as it will easily hold the weight of three people, is quite comfortable to pass out in and the leather resists spills and cleans up easily. Second place would probably go to theWassily chair.

That is all for this installment of: Obscure Answers I Never Thought To Find the Questions To.
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I wish there was a way to favorite someone's username.
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More of a modernist sculpture that you can sit in than a chair. That said I am a fan of chairs as decor if you have a space for them. The Red and Blue chair would be great in the right space.

It definitely works well as flat pack assemble at home furniture.
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Don't miss the Rietveld-Schröder House.

Pretty much what pops into mind when I hear the word Modernism. And that's not bad at all.
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