Sangre, Bandera, Cruz
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Very interesting! I especially enjoyed Los Macuanos. Their music reminds me of a lot of the 90's electronica that I enjoyed, while pulling in quite a few other influences. I wish I could understand what they are saying in that youtube clip.
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Thanks for posting.
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Tijuana is surely the trendiest city in the world right now. You can't pick up a newspaper or food magazine or food program on TV without seeing the amazingly varied and creative food scene there. If I lived in LA I'd be on one of those food-tour minibuses that tour TJ in a heartbeat. Check out Chucheman on Youtube sometime.

And now with music!
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This looks really interesting. I'm excited to listen to these links when I am somewhere where I can turn up the sound on my computer.

It's funny that the author of the article felt the need to turn Nortec into a straw man, though. It makes sense that this next half-generation is working to get out from under the shadow of the Nortec collective. And I understand that styles and labels become crystallized and cliched despite the best efforts of the artists themselves. At the same time, it's just inaccurate to say that Nortec is a rigid formula, at least for much of its run. Some nortec plays with border kitsch, but others in the collective insisted against this from the start. Based on the article, at least, ruidosón looks like it could be considered an extension of Nortec, rather than a rejection of it.

This great book explains the differences between the nortec members' approaches in detail.
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Neat. I am going to enjoy listening to these.
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Good stuff! Feeling Los Macuanos and Santos so far. Haunting, driving, dark, and intense.
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