Inspiring story of how an online forum brought out the best in people
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This youtube video explains VENGEANCE - The Story of Curmudgeon's Revenge: Members of a forum for Jeep JK Wrangler owners came together for one of their own in a quite extraordinary way. When it became clear that one of their original members was losing his battle with cancer several members flew from all around the country to his house, bought his jeep, drove it across the country, and then spent almost a year converting it from a Jeep into something they call VENGEANCE, "A Badass 2-Door Jeep JK Wrangler Worthy of its Name". Now they're auctioning it to raise money so his daughter can go to college.
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I've been on several fora (forums? forii? forumses?) where people genuinely care about each other. On the Harmony Central Electric Guitar subforum a guy passed away and members put together an online auction of all of his guitars, with all of the money going to the guy's wife. People overpaid by orders of magnitude just to help her out.

Sometimes these little communities we make for each other turn out to be powerful forces for human decency.
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They may look outlandish, but those fat, knobby tires are there to pull the vehicle through a muckvale of tears.
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That's all kinds of awesome.
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First half of the video is a nicely done travelogue montage of driving across the US, largely Route 66. In case you thought it was 15 minutes of guys talking gear ratios (or cancer).
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In case you thought it was 15 minutes of guys talking gear ratios (or cancer).

As a mech.eng., I'd probably suscribe to a cable channel of guys talking gear ratios, even if it would probably put my marriage in jeopardy...
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Cars are not my brand of geekiness, but I have a great deal of respect for people who can unite like this in a time of need. Keep on Jeepin' on.
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I shed a little man tear. Thanks for posting this. (Former TJ owner)
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Man, I've been having one of those days where humanity is letting me down over and over again. So nice to see something where humans are awesome.
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