A stirring musical based on historical events in France.
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Want to watch a film based on a musical by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil? No, for that one you'll have to wait until Christmas. Until then: Martin Guerre: A Musical Journey.
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The other day, I noticed that I have Natalie Zemon Davis' "The Return of Martin Guerre" stuck under the driver's seat of my car for inexplicable reasons. Okay, probably happened during my recent move.

It was one of the first bits of assigned reading that I held onto at the end of the semester because it was just so enjoyable. Very enjoyable bit of speculative history.
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More Guerre: Janet Lewis's "The Wife of Martin Guerre." Utterly fantastic.

More Boublil-Schönberg: La Revolution Francaise, their (and France's) first rock musical. (Warning: intense Jesus Christ Superstar pastiche ahead.)
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I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to LES MIS THE MOVIE. We should, touch wood, have a small baby by then, so we may have to go in shifts, but my wife and I will be trotting along for the drama and singing and Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter chewing the scenery. And we saw Hugh Jackman in OKLAHOMA! at the National Theatre years ago and he was ace. And the enormously talented Fra Fee is one of the students and was my musical director in an amateur production of THE MIKADO years ago (poor chap). So lots of squealing.

And I managed to read most of the book, which was great, and means this time I might understand the plot. (Last time: Wait, this isn't THE French Revolution? There's more than one? What's going on? Who is John Val John anyway? Why is that guy in a whirlpool light effect so sad? Didn't help that at that point I was a poor student in the cheapest of cheap seats and had to move my feet to see the action as it moved around the stage...)
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Pretty sure I saw "Martin Guerre" when it was around, or at least had the music. I'll be damned if I can remember any of it now.
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Don't worry. It'll come back when you least expect it. (Oh god I crack myself up.)
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