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Humon's illustrated (and explained) animal mating habits. [somewhat NSFW]
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After Scandinavia and the World I've been quite a fan of her work. Nice!
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She actually has books of these for sale. Which are suppose to include ones she hasn't published online.

Her deviantArt page is worth looking at if you like her stuff. Recently she's been on a kick exploring femdom in fantasy races.
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These images take all the urgency out of animal mating. It's kinda creepy.
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I find this project sweet, lighthearted, and useful as an illustrative tool for all those people out there who persist in being unaware that male pregnancy, poly families, multiple sex morphs, female phalli, and same-sex activity galore are part of "nature's plan."

I do have some issues with the way that Western ideology about binary gender roles gets imported into the illustrations, and with the way scientific terminology continues to insist that variations are somehow "fake," as when the phalli of female hyenas are termed "pseudophalli," but all in all, I salute Humon's accessible presentations.
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Anyone who believes in Bonobo's as peaceful happy go lucky swingers should read "Swingers".
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Well this is charming and delightful!
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Er, I think the female hyenas have "pseudophalli" because they are not functional phalli - that is, they are not used to deposit sperm. If it evolved to mimic the male phallus in any way, "pseudo" is a totally reasonable term. (And in evolutionary/genetic terms, I have to imagine that it uses many of the same genes as the male phallus that are probably either reactivated or not repressed in this particular species of hyena.)
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What incredibly charming artwork. Very adorable.
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stbalbach: Thanks for that great article!
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I didn't see duck mating in there, which is good, because seeing it in real life was one of the most violent things I have ever witnessed.
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I am so obsessed with these and can't wait to share them with a sex ed class someday.
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ducks have very strange sex lives

No kidding!

Brennan found that the vaginal tubes were not straight but had “all these weird structures, these pockets and spirals.” This served to impede the sperm’s fertilization mission; unwanted sperm could be stored in side chambers to be ejected later.

Oh holy fuck you guys. I seriously, genuinely think Todd Akin confused female voters with female ducks.
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If it looks like a duck and swims like a duck, we have to consider the possibility that it is a legitimate duck.
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...where F can be substituted for D.
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