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The newest segment in the Charlie Rose Brain Series, addressing Post-Traumatic Stress (SL Video)

Featuring Eric Kandel of Columbia University; Retired Lieutenant Colonel John O’Brien; Murray Stein from the University of California, San Diego; Lisa Shin, from Tufts University; Kerry Ressler from Emory University and JoAnn Difede from Weill Cornell Medical College.
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Whoa, crazy! There's a whole second series come out since! I haven't checked up on this in a while. Guess I have my week planned out.
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My guess is that before it ends, someone will slip and call it the "Charlie Raisin Bran Series."
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I'd never heard of the Charlie Rose Brain Series before and for a moment I thought it was a whole series of specials about Charlie Rose's brain. That sounds ridiculous, but I'd really like to know how his brain works. That guy interviews a Bosnian politician one night, and he seems to know all the subtleties of Bosnian politics. The next night he interviews a musician, and somehow he's learned all of their lyrics. The next night it's a nuclear physicist, and Charlie can discuss the intricacies of Big Bang nucleosynthesis.

How does he do that? What's going on in the brain of Charlie Rose?
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I was one of his producers a while back and that was what consistently impressed me about him. Of course, we gave him all sorts of background material to prepare, but sometimes even when he just rushed in 5 minutes before the show, he'd still be able to do that. He had truly wide-ranging knowledge and it was usually more than just surface: a very interesting sort of mind.
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That's very interesting, Maias.

I've watched his show, looking for the ear-piece, the one that the producers use to tell him what to say next (and I imagined a whole room of PhD consultants helping them with that.) But I never saw the ear-piece.

I want a job like Charlie Rose has, where you can get deep into a hundred topics one after another. Metafilter kind of works like that for me, but they don't want to pay me anything for it.
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So every time Charlie Rose and Stephen Fry were to have a conversation, the universe experiences a major entropic reconfiguration?
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