Christmas Present
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The Ghosts of Christmas - A spooky SF story for Christmas by Paul Cornell.
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Made a bit more poignant if you know Cornell has a two month old son.

(and by "a bit", I mean it made me want to hug him so much even though I'm sure this character isn't an author proxy.)

I feel like I told this story before but a quick search doesn't reveal it. I ran into Paul Cornell at a Doctor Who convention a few years back in between his panels, and I told him that I'd really enjoyed the recent Captain Britain and MI: 13 and had specifically brought the first issue with me for him to sign but had left it in my room. I assumed that I'd stand in a line and get him to sign it. Later in the day, he saw me in the lobby and asked me if I had the book with me yet. So even if he hadn't written some of my favorite Doctor Who stories, I'd have a pretty soft spot for him.
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More free Cornell online, mostly audio from StarShipSofa.
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Wow, that was haunting and lovely. Thanks for posting.
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