Trojan Horse
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"An experimental "Trojan-horse" cancer therapy has completely eliminated prostate cancer in experiments on mice, according to UK researchers." [via BBC]

"The team hid cancer killing viruses inside the immune system in order to sneak them into a tumour."

In other news today, Its the end of the World. Hallelujah!

And finally tonight, yes, its true, there really is a Philadelphia->Project Rainbow->Montauk->HAARP conspiracy.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I guess I understand (based on your Metatalk thread) that you are going for an end-of-the-world kind of silly thing here? But even for that, this is disjointed and confusing and doesn't really make any sense. -- taz

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Did I just get some viral news articles trojan-horsed into my brain?
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A trojan horse cure for a trojan horse problem. Why not get to the root cause rather than treating symptoms?

If this system is not stopped, it will kill billions due to aluminum and barium poisoning. It will kill billions due to crop failures and world-wide famine. It will cause heart attacks, strokes, and cancers. It will cause stillbirths, miscarriages, and infertility. The chemtrail sprays often have fungi, bacteria, viruses, dessicated red blood cells, crystalline substances, carbon, metal cations, lithium, other chemicals, heavy metals, and God knows what - probably smart dust, or nanocrap. Years of biowarfare testing on the American public is no big secret anymore. Spraying germs in the sky where they mutate due to the ultra-violet light -- brillant plan, my man. Are we acceptable losses or is this by design?

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That picture made me think that the therapy involved injecting tiny Greek warriors into cells, Fantastic Voyage-style, although, presumably, with less Raquel Welch and more Brad Pitt and/or Russell Crowe. I am heartily disappointed. Come on, medical science!
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Hey, at my age I care lot more about treatment for prostate cancer and Leonard Cohen than these other childish whims and pursuits. End of the world--been through it many many times--It is still here as am I.
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Deactivated viruses as vectors for immunotherapeutic drug delivery in cancer treatment is new, but not that new. This is hardly a novel breakthrough.

I still don't understand how this is a coherent FPP. Daily breaking news of the weird summary? What is this Reddit?
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