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The UK Christmas No.1 spot in recent years remains dominated by reality jugganaut The X-Factor, despite a successful campaign to get a nice sweary number to the top spot (previously) and a surprise challenge from some singing spouses. This year the Cowell complanceny is being challenged by a charity single to support victims of the Hillsborough disaster - but there's a dark horse, or should that be...a dark fish?
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Havea havea look, £1 fish
Havea havea look, £1 fish
Very very good, £1 fish

I love this song almost as much as I love the fact that its a contender for #1 this year.

I just hope it doesn't make me a bad person that my enthusiasm is only slightly tempered by the fact that its going up against the song for the Hillsborough 96. I do promise to never buy The Sun, though.
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I have a head cold and have had a terribly stressful week at work and I was listening to this today to cheer me up. (I can't take four whole minutes of Gangnam Style, it's too reminiscent of the Vengaboys or Scooter for me.)

The Telegraph rounds up the contenders too.
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Anything But Cowell... by all accounts X-Factor was an utter bomb this year - I didn't watch bar a few minutes by accident where I was quite shocked by how much product placement there was. Not only did one contestant mention where he worked by name (a restaurant chain) he spent what seemed like forever saying what items off the menu each panellist should have, and then for another contestant we had a long section showing him in the supermarket where he worked (also directly mentioned by name) that was practically a full on advert.

Morbid curiosity had me checking out the winner on youtube and fish man was definitely more entertaining than his honking performance.
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Product placement was made legal on UK commercial TV last year, I wonder whether that was actual paid-for placement. Interesting. They have to indicate it by a symbol in the titles, but as I haven't seen any of it this year I don't know.
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£1 Fish Man could do for Bollywood what PSY is doing for K-Pop, but his song needs better production... and a better video... what? no scenes IN the fish market? The things they could've done with that performance... bring McCartney in to do a snippet from "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" ("Nazir has a barrel in the marketplace..."*)

And the song with Paul McCartney that SHOULD be in contention is his performance fronting Nirvana... no, wait, that was an AMERICAN charity event... the UK will never go for that...

*waitminute, the comic Scary Go Round had a character Desmond Fishman... mmmkay, my stream of consciousness just went out to sea and sank...
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His pitch for fish certainly makes me interested in buying his wares, but I'm concerned about over-fishing of the North Sea, and he provides no information about the sustainability of his suppliers.

I'm also concerned that he is supporting the patriachy by only attempting attract female attention to his fish supply business, supporting the notion that shopping is women's work.

And that the damned song is in my head now.
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Buried in the news there is that one of my personal favourite Christmassy songs. by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl, is back in the charts, but is expected to peak at 38, so won't become the Christmas Number One.

..... I guess there's not enough autotune.
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I see they've re-released Clive Dunn's 'Granddad'... that was depressing enough the first time around.
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I'm going with Alex Day's Stupid Stupid, thanks.
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There's only one good Christmas song. Happy Christmas your arse.
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Christmas No 1 slot won by Hillsborough charity single Yes! Up yours, Cowell!
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