Michael Jordan 50 point game timeline
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Sorry, did one of the commentators near the beginning just say "LeBron James, with no regard for human life."?

Out of context that sounds mighty weird indeed.
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SPOILERS: Michael Jordan is really good at basketball
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The one thing that stands out is how well Michael moved without the ball. So many of his shots were completely uncontested because of a screen from one of Michael's teammates. A guy of his caliber with an open shot from 15 feet is unstoppable.
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dumbland: Yes, that's Kevin Harlan calling LeBron James dunking on Kevin Garnett. He's a tad hyperbolic, but he can convey the weight of the moment, so I find his commentary fun.

The video posted is a bit of a mess. It starts with the credentials for MJ's 50 point games, which is great. Then it shows highlights of Jordan in the dunk contest, with wrestling commentary mixed with NBA announcers calling games 8 years after Jordan retired. Finally, it's a string of context-free basketball. Just Jordan making shot after shot, which is sometimes impressive, but overall seems empty.

I guess the number of games featured is impressive, but without context ("#1 rated defense" according to what metric? That makes this basketball nerd upset) it's nothing special. A jump shot is nice, but how about you break down MJ's incredible ability to create an envelope of space to take that shot? His dunk contest highlights are jaw-dropping, but the ability to jump that high and adjust in midair is what made him a legend.

It's not that this is a bad video by any stretch, but it leaves so much unexplored. YouTube, you can do better (actually, that's maybe inaccurate).
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So when does he save Christmas?
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The Ultimate Champ!
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Turkey Glue, I agree that there could have been more, but to give context for that many games.... you're entering Burns documentary length.
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It's not that this is a bad video by any stretch

The 16:9 aspect ratio is a bit of a stretch.
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BlackLeotardFront: You're absolutely right. Context for that many games would be impossible, and probably boring. I just think that what's presented does not do Jordan's mastery justice, and a guided Cliffs' Notes of some of those games would help one appreciate such. Without it, it's just video of basketball, which isn't appealing for a non-hoops fan.
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What interests me about Michael Jordan is the murky story around the year he "retired" to play baseball after, I don't know, something about gambling and his father being murdered at the side of the road.

He is pretty to watch playing basketball, though!
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"Ooooh, Michael Jordan video... TWO AND A HALF HOURS? Yessssss." - inner monologue
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Do people think that MJ's dad was murdered because of MJ's gambling debts?
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Just watching the first game, the 63 points against the celtics, and its weird/fascinating to hear the announcers talk about Jordan as an unknown quantity, even explaining him to the audience. Later on, after his status was cemented, announcers just sort of expected him to do all of that. There's a moment in the clip where Bird comes out to guard Jordan, and the announcers point out that Jordan can't get around Bird, compared to other Boston defenders, because, of course, Bird. Before they even finish talking about it, though, Jordan just rises up and shoots with Bird's hand in his face and buries the shot.

When we watch Jordan highlights now, the whole myth gets in the way, and we expect it. I'd love to be able to go back and experience it all again, not knowing who Jordan is, and just be stunned all over again.

Up until April 28th, I had the feeling that I was watching a new legend being born. Now I'm mostly just sad, and don't want to talk about it.
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> Do people think that MJ's dad was murdered because of MJ's gambling debts?

Who knows what people think; I heard it was filed and official that his dad was offed by carjacking petty criminals who were illiterate and too stupid to know that calls on the deceased's cell phone were a bad move. Perhaps that was brilliant cover.

I have also heard over and over and never contested that he was persona non grata in the NBA for his gambling activity during the time he was playing baseball.
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Bukvich's comment pretty much sums it up. Simmon's theory goes that the retirement was an either/or thing, with Stern telling Jordan to step away or be suspended over gambling, which would have irreparably damaged his image. By 'retiring' he managed to keep all of his endorsements (Nike, McD, Hanes, god knows what all).
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That first one hurt... Bird, McHale and Walton, powerless. But, if you go to the highlights, and watch those improbable dunks, you'd sneer and snarl as you knew he was travelling and the refs were letting him... one and two three... damn. One and two... threeeeeee... damn. He just is that good.

What I want to know is why the NBA let an alien with minor gravity manipulation powers play professionally. Did you see some of those rebounds against Bird? Motherfucking Larry Bird? Man. GOAT does not even cover it when it comes to MJ.
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You kidding? I can't watch this. Knicks fan.
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You kidding? I can't watch this. Knicks fan.

Favorited with gentle mocking laughter and a slight shaking of the head. There there, it's going to be all right.

Wait, what? You lost twice to the Bulls this year already? And Rose still isn't back? Oh dear.
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I'd like to see videos of the guys covering Jordan, Chamberlin, and so forth on their best games. Just shots of them at the bench, shaking their heads, throwing up after the game, drinking Mezcal in the parking lot, throwing the tv out the window at home...
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Never cared much for dunk contests. As for regular play, once you figure out how Michael's immune from traveling calls and technical fouls, his "success" becomes much easier to figure...
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Dr. Zoom, once you factor in that he regularly got the shit hammered out of him everytime he went into the paint, that the non-calls, the fouls where refs were silent, that some of those would be flagrant fouls today, what he did is all the more stunning. The extra step has been a long, long running issue in the league. Wade, James, hell, Iverson and dozens of others wouldn't be half as successful is traveling was called on them.

You want bullshit? Try the jump stop crap. That's absurd.
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The quality of those broadcasts are so surreal. Doesn't look like the 90s to me. Looks like the 60s.
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All I'm saying is, let's hold all players to the same standard. I'm from Seattle, so yes, I'm biased, but I distinctly remember Mr. Jordan howling in the face of a referee during that Sonics/Bulls championship series. Was he called for a technical? No, of course not. Meanwhile, Frank Brickowski gets slammed down for looking at somebody mean...
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