You'll Never Think of Rudolph's Nose the Same Way Again
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The Spirit of Christmas (SLYT, gross, bloody, disrespectful nightmare fuel, in other words, classic CYRIAK)

For additional Christmas irreverence from the British Isles, "Blood Baubles" from the usually macabre Faraday the Blob and the least objectionable entry from the B3ta Christmas Card challange (clicking through to the main thread is totally NSFW).
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I love it, but I feel hesitant about sharing it with others.

In other words, classic cyriak.
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Still not as horrifying as those two weird people in the new Target ads.
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I could think of more efficient ways to deliver a present. Also, what the hell does he do for the naughty children?
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I think it's a metaphor. We are all the child, living peacefully until the first scent of the beast comes upon us, disturbing us, invading our lives in the most intrusive way, and finally scrambling our brains and suddenly PRESENTS!
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oh I am so sending this to everyone
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1982 version > this one > 2011 version. I liked it.
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Great stuff. My kids love his movies but I will not show them this one... at least not TODAY... :)
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I shared it, but I also just spent the last 20 minutes shooping testicles onto a pickle to make a Christmas ornament, so if I were you I would maybe look elsewhere for advice on tasteful holiday sharing.
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