Gun violence cover-up
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NRA appears to write the laws that impede research on gun violence. Rules that stifle funding for maintaining statistics about the inherent danger of guns in our society are proposed and paid for by the National Rifle Association and ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Counsel). Written by Lisa Graves for the Center for Media and Democracy. Could an association supporting 'freedom, liberty and Constitutional Rights' actually be subverting law, defiling morals and smashing the Constitution, thereby making America a worse place - just to support financial profits of assault weapon manufacturers?

Quote= "Meaningful action has been thwarted, largely because of the power and
wealth of the National Rifle Association (NRA). One of the key avenues it
has used to exert its influence is the American Legislative Exchange
Council (ALEC). For decades, the NRA has helped bankroll ALEC operations
and even co-chaired ALECs Public Safety and Elections Task Force, where it
secretly voted on bills alongside elected representatives. At ALECs annual
meeting this summer, the NRA had the biggest booth at the convention in
Salt Lake City and also underwrote a shooting event along with one of the
largest sellers of assault weapons in the world."
"Numerous bills to bar or impede laws that would help protect Americans
from gun violence were drafted by the NRA and adopted by ALEC corporations
and legislators as models for the rest of the country. And, dozens of
these special interest bills have become law in states across the country.
As a result of the NRAs efforts, a city in Connecticut recently repealed
the only ban in the state on carrying a concealed firearm. Allowing
concealed carry has been a long-standing part of the NRA-ALEC agenda,
passing in Wisconsin a year ago at the urging of Governor Scott Walker,
who was given an award by the NRA for making this item law along with a
version of the controversial ALEC-NRA Stand Your Ground/Castle Doctrine
bill. A concealed carry law also was just passed last week in Michigan,
along with the so-called Right to Work union-busting bill on ALECs
corporate wish list."
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is a super-heated issue and this sort of editorial framing is not at all the right way to present it here. -- restless_nomad

I reckon there's a good chance this will be deleted, but if not, I hope the NRA comes out over today and starts demanding that firefighters start carrying weapons.

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Meta on already deleted similar post.
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