Hey everybody, let's bob rhythmically!
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Hey everyone let's watch Aaron Long's Fester Fish, that irreverent cartoon scamp, as he watches his nephew, goes, uh, fishing, makes some friends, and takes his boozy girlfriend Blotty to meet his fokes for Christmas. (VIA CARTOON BREW - note, preroll ads before most cartoons)

Aaron Long also did three Space Goose cartoons: Banquet Bust-Up, Space Race 7000 and Fugitive Goose
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"Fester Goes Fishing" is one of my go-to Youtube videos for when friends are gathered around a computer, taking turns pulling up videos. It's so amazing.
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This is pretty good.
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Aren't we all just looking from someone mambo with, and to take us to our optometrist appointments?
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So, why do I like this enough to post it?

- It's really excellent at subverting your expectations. For example, take the sequence in Fester Makes Friends where the guy is trying to escape from Fester, and escapes into the cap. There's a bit there where Long realizes what you're expecting to happen, from a childhood of watching Looney Tunes, and overturns it exactly when it should be overturned, eventually taking that gag into a different direction. There is also the place where he knocks on Poseidon's door in Fester Goes Fishing, and the way he gets inside isn't quite what you've seen in other cartoons. In almost every circumstance he goes for an unexpected gag to a familiar situation, neatly deconstructing the format while still utilizing it. That's excellent.

- While he Long uses Flash for most of these (I think), he does a good job of not being limited by it. Take the extended sequence where Fester is going to rescue Blotty in Fester Goes Fishing, that's a "wackyland" sequence of crazy gags, but it's paced pretty well, and there are touches in the animation that Long didn't have to put in there, that only take a couple of frames, like stumbling, falling, and getting up again, but did anyway.

- Fester's design is consistently great. He's an awkward, bug-eyed little guy and Long always remembers that. Just watching him do things, or try to, is funny, because he's so misshapen. It's rewarding to watch the animation carefully, just to see the absurd touches Long adds to simple acts like climbing onto a couch. Yet the animation doesn't become a mess, it still holds together pretty well. It's a neat trick.
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I have seen a lot of disgusting character designs in my time. And there is something really brilliant about this one. The fact that his sole item of clothing is a pair of y-fronts is just so subtle and horrible. Especially when you realize he seems to never, ever take them off, except for the gag where he "gallantly" throws them across a puddle.

This man will go far with his finely honed sense of how to be just disgusting enough.
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