A Map of Saints' Relics in Rome
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My only problem is that this post doesn't include plane tickets to Rome.
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It is the one place (i haven't been many) where i say to everybody 'Go! Go!' For some reason, USA & UK ppl usually 'don't fancy it' but it's like walking round a museum, every building you see you recognise it's famous (ok, i grew up reading my dad's architecture books) but really, it's astounding...
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It should be noted (as it is on the Projects page) that this map is a companion piece to MeFite Thin Lizzy's excellent blog, All the Saints You Should Know.
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Thank God!
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Dan Brown could write a book using without even visiting Rome.

Oh, he did.
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What an awesome idea! Thanks for posting!
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Very cool!
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Thanks for this post!

Ditto maiamaia.

When I wander around Rome (and I'm long, long overdue for a visit), I often visit churches randomly on whims: more often than not (and I'm trying unsuccessfully to think of a 'not'), what looks like a nondescript church from the outside reveals itself to be a jewel.
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Cool. I was just imagining such a thing the other day, while reading Lanciani's Pagan and Christian Rome. Although I was picturing a database not only of saintly relics, but of architectural spoila, and the map would encompass much of the planet.
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