All The Koch's Men: Anatomy of a right-wing media smear
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Have you ever wondered how these right-wing media stunts get started? The more cynical among us have long assumed that they're planned out in advance, and that people like "Dickless" Crowder are just trained monkeys acting on orders from on high. But who comes up with the ideas? Who generates these things? Who funds them? And what do the brainstorming sessions look like? Finally, we have some answers.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: A few problems here: the way this article is presented, it's basically written like a kind of lulzy, offensive Op/Ed, so this is more like a single link "these guys are such jerks" post rather than straight reporting... of what turned out to be a non-event... From an unnamed source. Maybe this could be worked into something a little more substantial? Drop us a line at the contact list if you have questions. -- taz

"Dickless" Crowder

That seems a bit offensive and unnecessary.
posted by Drinky Die at 2:55 AM on December 28, 2012

Thanks, Pope Guilty. I always figured it went down like this, but seeing the run-down is fascinating.
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That seems a bit offensive and unnecessary.

Welcome to the eXile and related outlets. Previously the Exile used to review prostitutes and once cream pied someone with a pie that had horse semen as a major ingredient because the target wasn't a very good journalist. The Ames outlets have actually mellowed with age.
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Well, the name of the site is "Not Safe For Work Corporation", and I'd say it does what it says on the tin.

Given the site name, highbrow journalism is probably not high on their list of priorities. Good journalism might be... I'm only partway through the article, so I don't know yet. But highbrow, it ain't.
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