The Apple of Discord
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The Manzana de la Discordia is a block in Barcelona's Eixample district on Passeig de Gracia, between d'Arago and Consell de Cent. It is home to four buildings of the Modernisme style by four very different architects: (some pages in Spanish or Catalan)

The Block (or Apple) of Discord, as it is known in Spanish, starts at 35 Passeig de Gracia, with the Casa Lleo Morera. Built by Lluis Domenich i Montaner as a private residence for the Morera family. As was usual at the time, the stained glass, cabinetry, sculpture and other ornamentation was done by renonwed local Catalan craftsmen.

Casa Mulleras, at 37 Passeig de Gracia, was renovated in 1906 by Enric Sagnier and is a much more classical building than its neighbors. Sagnier is most famous for his work on Tibidabo and the Palace of Justice. Casa Mulleras provides a counterpoint to the Modernisme that follows at ...

Casa Amataller, at 41 Passeig de Gracia. Built by Josep Puig i Cadafalch for the Amataller family, it now houses the Amataller Institute of Hispanic Art. Cadfalach was a prolific architect and historian, most famous for his design of and salon at the Casa Marti, or the Four Cats.

Finally and possibly most famous, the Casa Batllo, at 43 Passeig de la Gracia, was designed by Antoni Gaudi. It was renovated between 1904 and 1906 by Gaudi as a residence for the Batllo family and also apartments. With its iconic exterior, characteristic trencadis mosaic, and draconian roofline, it is one of the most photographed buildings (and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Barcelona.
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This is a fantastic post.
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Spain is so architecturally badass. I want to go to there.
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I love when terrible puns based on classical mythology pass into the vernacular.
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I took a look on Google Streetview, and as of their last pass Casa Amataller is covered in construction hoarding. In the bright, washed out sunlight of the Streetview image, the buildings seem to blend together quite well. Even the Gaudi.

I'm now curious about 39 Passeig de Gracia. It looks to be copying the style of Casa Mulleras and has a fantastically ornate light post out front. And, unfortunately, a McDonald's across the street.
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Casa Batlló is my favorite thing ever.
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39 Passeig de Gracia is a neoclassical building, refurbished in 1915 by Marcel·lí Coquillat i Llofriu, known as the Casa Bonet and now home to the Museu del Perfum.
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Hail Eris.
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