Nobody Has a "Right to Work"
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The Dishonesty of "Right-to-Work" Legislation "There is no such thing a right-to-work in the United States. Such a concept is incompatible with the basic principles that govern our employment law. Under this framework no one has ever, will ever, or even can ever be forced to join a union in order to get a job. It’s not possible. In US law, employment is a contractual relationship into which both parties freely enter. There is no coercion involved short of actual slavery. It doesn't matter how badly someone needs obtain income or how great the power imbalance between management and labor there is. You are not forced to do anything. One place you can see this is in regards to pre-employment drug testing. If there were any sort of right-to-work, this would constitute a 4th Amendment violation. Instead, the courts have repeatedly held that there is no coercion in requiring a prospective employee to take a drug test. No one is forced to do so."
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Who is J. Michael Neal, and why should I care what he has to say on this topic?
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