A Serene Way to Spend Six Minutes
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Need some inspiration for the new year? Beautiful Moments is a short video compilation of people and animals doing interesting things at some of the most lovely locations on earth. [slyt]
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These kinds of things never cease to amaze me. What really does it for me is how well the music and the video work together. Love it.
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They did a really bad job of crediting the BBC for the Planet Earth stuff, along with footage I recognize from mountain bike movies, and so I presume the entire thing is made of clips taken from other people's work.
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Oh, I guess there are credits on the YouTube page, if you click through and look for them. They don't show up in the embedded view, of course, and they're not in the video itself. Still seems a bit disingenuous. It's a lot of great video, but none of it was made by "edis productions".
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I really like the closing shot where they time lapse from the person skiing through the woods to the woods in the summer.
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Beautiful landscapes. Too bad about the XTREEM SPORTZ crap.
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The first four minutes were very nice.
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